Matt Milkowski
with students at Kenwood Academy, Chicago

Challenge: Students create dual self-portraits using anagram*-inspired alter egos, and panoramic smart phone features.
*An anagram is a pair of words or phrases that have the exact same letters arranged differently.
e.g. “Sarah Smith” and “A Harsh Mist”

Materials: smart phones with panoramic feature, paper, bold markers, assorted costumes and props, Internet

• Students access anagram-generator site on computers or phones. http://wordsmith.org/anagram/
• Students choose alter-ego anagrams and write it on paper sign with bold, legible, giant letters. Encourage the use of unique fonts
• Students work in teams to find a site-specific location on the school grounds to take their panoranagram self portraits.
• In order to take the photo, student subject must begin on the far left edge of the frame, posing as their “normal” self. The student photographer then begins the shot, very slowly panning the phone. Once the subject is out of the frame, he/she must run behind the photographer (out of frame), grab his/her sign and costuming, and reappear on the right side of the frame to pose, just before the photographer pans to his/her location. If done “correctly,” the image should include both versions of the the subject.

Lesson Expansion:
• Challenge students to incorporate three, four, or more versions of themselves
• Intentionally play with the distortions that occur with a moving subject in the frame during panning.
• Consider other “opposing” prompts such as good/evil, night/day, young/old, etc…